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As an incumbent with a demostrated track record, my office is accountable to you. We have achieved great results for Dallas County and we keep working daily to make the Dallas Tax Office the best in the state." - Hon. John R. Ames

  • New Customer Care Center Reduces Telephone Wait Times
  • Tax Statements Mailed On Time for First Time in 20 Years
  • Credit Card Payment and e-Check System Established
  • Over $45 Million in Backlogged Refunds Dispersed
  • Collections Production Increased 1,559% in October 2009

Dear Dallas County Voter,

My team and I have worked diligently since 2008 to make the Dallas Tax Office the model for Texas in terms of efficiency and customer service. I invite you to review my performance as you make a choice in 2016.

I have always run my campaigns based on two themes: perspective and performance.

My perspective comes from being an experienced tax professional who is invested in continuosly improving my own knowledge as well as the skills and service provided by our staff. In 2015, I served as President of the Tax Assessor-Collectors Association of Texas. This opportunity allowed me to share our successes in Dallas County as well as gain perspectives from other tax professionals. This is but one example of a lifetime and career I have dedicated to my profession.

And we are performing. Over the last eight years, we have created an entirely new “customer friendly” culture at the tax office, including dedicating three additional staff members to our newly developed Customer Care Center to reduce telephone wait times when customers call, and making it possible for customers to pay taxes by credit card or e-check online.

When I first took office, my team mailed out Dallas County tax statements on time for the first time in 20 years. We increased collections production by 1,559 percent in October 2009, the first yearafter I took office, and another 18 percent in October 2010. We have also cleared out an enormous backlog left by the prior administration, resulting in over $45 million in refunds being dispersed to citizens.

I am committed to serving you and making the Dallas County tax office not just competent, but outstanding. I believe the tax office is making great strides under my guidance, and I ask for your support and your vote to keep the progress coming.

John Ames Signature
John R. Ames
Dallas County Tax Assessor/Collector

For general information about the Dallas County Tax Office click here.

For news items issued by the Dallas County Tax Office click here.


 The Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA) honored Dallas County Tax Assessor John R. Ames by presenting him with the Independent Award, which is the highest award the organization gives to individuals who are not independent car dealers.  TIADA member Kathernie Tolsh, who presented the award, praised the Dallas County tax office and Ames' willingness to testify before the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles on critical issues that affect independent card dealers.  "I am honored to have received this award.  It's our job at the tax office to serve our customers, and my staff does terrific work.  I am very proud to accept this award."


The leadership of the Dean Reynolds Chapter 137 Vietnam Veterans of America, including including President Robert Young and Vice President Lou E. Clay, presented Tax Assessor/Collector John R. Ames with a plaque of appreciation for providing an informative talk to their group.  In addition, certificates of appreciation where presented to Corey Worsham, Property Tax Director, Norman Kasal, Process Initiative Director, and Cheryl Jordan, Dallas Central Appraisal District Community Relations Officer, for their participation in the group discussion.

Dean Reynolds Chapter 137, Vietnam Veterans of America, is a non-profit organization that raises funds and provides financial assistance to veterans and their families.



Dallas County Tax Assessor/Collector John R. Ames and his staff speak regularly to community groups and functions regarding property tax matters and motor vehicle registration concerns.  “It is important to let the citizens of Dallas County know what we do in the Tax Office.  My staff and I provide information to citizens about their tax liabilities, payment options and available exemptions,” stated Mr. Ames.  

The Tax Office regularly speaks to Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Homeowners Associations and School Career Days.  If you are a member of an organization that would benefit from this type of information.

Please contact Feldon Warren at to schedule a time when Mr. Ames or a staff member can speak to your group.



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